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  • Baby Massage Rubber Ball Toy

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    The Baby Toy simple number addition and subtraction, color perception, animal cognition, exercise logical thinking ability. education at play. Baby Massage Ball Toy 3d embossed soft blocks, different embossing on 6 sides, better tactile, realistic, and interesting. Safe and non-toxic material, heat-resistant, can be boil to disinfect without deform. Will make a sound when squeezed, auditory, and touch feeling training when grasp. Easy education when play, also Rubber Ball Toy, can float on the water and spray water.

    • Material: Silicone
    • Age Range: < 3 years old, 13-24 Months, 0-12 Months
    • Features: Soft, Musical
    • Dimensions: As a listing
    • Size: 5.2*6.2cm each piece
    • Warning: Far Away from Fire
    • Package: Sets