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  • 10pcs/Lot Safety Care Plastic Locks Straps Infant Baby Protection

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    Material: Plastic
    Function: Cabinet Lock
    Age Range: 4-6M
    Age Range: 7-9M
    Age Range: 10-12M
    Age Range: 13-18M
    Age Range: 2-3Y
    Age Range: 4-6Y
    Specification: 10pcs
    Usage: Cabinet Doors
    Item Type: Cabinet Locks & Straps

    • Prevent the baby free to open the door, grind your fingers, damage to the cabinet items or items falling hurt baby
    • Can be used for refrigerators, washing machines, dry cleaning machines, chest of drawers, dishwashers and other supplies equipment to prevent the baby opened, eating or messing up the items inside to avoid accidents
    • Prevent items from falling in the cabinet to damage the baby and crush the baby's fingers.
    • Paste solid, safe and convenient, wide range of application, can freely adjust the use length
    • Always keep your baby safe and make your baby's life safer.